Answers to the most common queries we receive about Simply Crantock.

What is the difference between directory listings and exclusive listings?
Directory listings are adverts for holiday cottages which are managed by the owners, not Simply Crantock. 
Exclusive listings are for properties where the bookings are taken through Simply Crantock. Exclusive properties are not available on any other websites.
Can I book a directory listing property with Simply Crantock?

No. All bookings for directory listings are made with the property owner/manager. Their contact details are available on the respective property page.

Can I book an exclusive property with Simply Crantock?
Yes. Please use the online booking system to select your dates, or call us on 01637 222533.
Who should I call I I have any questions about a property?
If you have a question about an exclusive property, please call us on 01637 222533.
If your question relates to a directory listing, please contact the owner or manager whose details are on the contact form for the property.